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Cloud backup, most often recognized with a name cloud computer back up that refers backing up of digital data to a remotely located cloud-based server. With cloud back up, users can store the data on a cloud platform and easily access it from multiple distributed and connected resources that contain a cloud. Cloud backup solutions allow enterprises and individuals to store their documents and important files on the internet with the help of storage service provider. With this cloud application, no data loss will be incurred because all the data is stored on virtual platform rather than the physical disk like hard drive or tape backup.

Cloud backup service providers enable end-users to remotely access the provider’s services via secure client login application to back up from the user’s computer to the online storage server using encrypted practices. Files and data can be automatically saved to the cloud backup platform in regular, scheduled manner(cloud sync basis). In essence, enterprise grade cloud backup solutions come along with vital features such as archiving and disaster recovery. 

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