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Cloud network is essentially the computer network existing in a cloud infrastructure. This network is responsible for providing connectivity among cloud enabled apps and services. So, this network enables a cloud set-up, its components and applications or services and users to interact and communicate with one another. For instance, it is a cloud network which will allow connections between remote users and Software as a Service (SaaS) or IaaS. The user queries will get delivered from a browser to a backend cloud infrastructure and vice versa.

Cloud network offers a new way of deployment and management of distributed enterprise networks. In this sense, it delivers enterprise-grade networking capabilities through a cloud based infrastructure which needs very less investment in additional IT resources. Unlike the traditional hardware-based solutions this form of networking will easily automate complicated tasks and make them more streamlined so that enterprises can deploy locations within minutes. Cloud hosting services are also subscription based and they will not demand upfront payments.

Amongst the huge benefits of cloud networking, perhaps the most important is cost savings. Businesses would have to spend much less because there is no need to buy equipment's or software. There is also no need to procure upgrades for hardware and software as the provider will take care of all this. Being a pay-per-use model, cloud networking payments are lower and it is also a green solution because there is need for rack space.

A second major benefit of cloud networking is quick deployment of servers compared to installing servers on one's own. Besides, the in-house staff can also be spared of responsibilities of managing servers. They can focus on other important business matters. They do not need to bother about maintenance updates and server configurations as the provider handles all this. Finally, being web-based, all IT users can access data anytime from anywhere in the world. They do not have to stay at their office desks to get work done; they can even access files and emails on the go.

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