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Cloud Usage Monitor

Cloud monitoring or cloud usage monitor is managing and reviewing operational processes in the cloud infrastructure. This is implemented via automatic monitoring software, giving control and central access over cloud infrastructure.
Organizations can check the health and operational status of cloud components and devices.

Depending on the cloud structure type used by the client, concerns arise. In case, you are utilizing public cloud, then you will have visibility and control in order to monitor and manage the cloud infrastructure. As most of the organizations are using private cloud, it provides more flexibility and control to the IT department along with consumption advantages.
Irrespective of the cloud structure type the company is using, monitoring the security and performance is critical.
How Cloud Monitoring Works
Cloud has plenty of moving parts, so it is very important to make sure that everything works fine in order to enhance performance. Primarily, cloud monitoring contains functions like –

• Website Monitoring: Tracks the traffic, processes, resource utilization, and availability of hosted websites

• Virtual Machine Monitoring:  It monitors the particular virtual machines and virtualization infrastructure

• Database Monitoring: It monitors the queries, consumption, availability, and processes of database resources

• Virtual Network Monitoring: In this method, devices, performance, connections and virtual network is monitored

• Cloud Storage Monitoring: In this monitoring method, storage resources and processes related to services, databases, virtual machines, and applications are monitored

With cloud monitoring, it is easy to identify the patterns and explore the security risks within the infrastructure.

Key Features –

Capability to manage huge data volumes in various distributed locations

Increase visibility in the user, application, and file in order to find compromises or potential attacks

Constant monitoring to make sure modified and new files should be scanned in actual time

Reporting and auditing capabilities in order to accomplish security compliance

Adding monitoring tools along with numerous cloud service providers

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