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Cloud security is the fastest growing service, providing most of the similar functionalities as provided by traditional IT security. It includes securing critical data from theft, deletion, and data leakage.
The major benefits of cloud hosting services is you can do the operations at a big scale and even after that you can remain secure. This is similar to managing the security; however, presently there are new ways of providing security solutions addressing concern areas. Cloud security not changes approach of managing the security from avoiding to corrective and detective actions. In case, it does it will provide the ability of performing activities in agile manner.
The data is secured in the data centers where a few countries need data should be stored in their nation, selecting a hosting provider having various data centers in the world can help you in achieving this.

Often, data storage includes specific compliance needs especially at the time of storing health information or credit card numbers. Most of the cloud service providers offer autonomous third-party audit reports in order to attest the existing internal process and should be effective in handling security within the facilities where data is stored.
Cloud security offers numerous control levels in the network infrastructure to provide protection and continuity for web apps and websites based on the cloud. Be it private or public cloud, organizations needs balance the DDoS protection, data security, regulatory compliance, and high availability in the cloud security service provider.
CloudOYE is one of the leading cloud security providers that offers excellent services to large, medium as well as small enterprises.
Benefits of Cloud Security –

Quickly scalable
Third-party data centers
Short upfront infra investments
Efficient resource utilization
Minimized market time
Per usage cost

CloudOYE is a leading Cloud Security Provider in India offering solutions on Cloud Server Hosting & Dedicated Servers Hosting. Call our technical experts at 1800 212 2022 or mail us at


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