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With the Internet has almost become a major avenue to new activity right from shopping to reading newspaper, businesses are voluntarily using IT infrastructure and services to cater the changing needs of market and meet the rising demands of customers. This is where the need of web hosting servers arrives with more and more companies are seen creating websites to host on servers in order for establishing their presence in the Internet. However, the maintenance and security of cloud servers prove to be a Herculean task and that too at the expense of taking quality time, leaving business organizations with insufficient time to concentrate on core competencies. At the same time, the deployment of in-house data center is a matter of huge expenditure and not every business can able to afford it. This is the reason the concept of server colocation services has been materialized.

Colocation itself denotes keeping different components at a single location. Talking from the perspective of server colocation, these components are servers belonging to a particular organization, which are hosted in a colocation facility of a third party service provider. With server colocation, you can be rest assured to avail services like server space, power, cooling, server security, and maintenance on a monthly rental basis.

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