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Code Dx refers to a powerful vulnerability management application which is perhaps unparalleled in the software industry. It can consolidate software vulnerabilities through SAST or Static Application Security Testing and DAST or Dynamic Application Security Testing tools and through manual code reviews. This product was partly funded by the DHS or Department of Homeland Security and the S&T Directorate because there was a requirement to enhance software assurance as far as critical infrastructure was concerned. Using its visual analytics, the search, prioritization and fixing of vulnerabilities can be accelerated in order to expedite remedies.

So, the Code Dx basically looks after the needs of various people who may be influencing software security decisions. These decisions can affect any organization’s exposure to risks because of cyber attacks. Users may be software tester, security analysts, software developer, and quality assurance engineers. It is useful because the Code Dx can save you a lot of time by streamlining and automating security tests for software and remediation processes.

Because this consolidation takes place automatically using the Code Dx, you can be relieved of the hassles of undergoing a manual and tedious job which would also take up a huge amount of precious time. This tool will also be able to de-duplicate when other tools finds the exact vulnerabilities. So, end results are shown on a visual analytics interface which allows team members to view, prioritize and allot vulnerabilities to facilitate remediation. The Code Dx has been disruptively priced; its yearly fees can be afforded by the SMBs and by large companies which are keen to distribute this to other users. 

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