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What is Clustered Web Hosting?

Clustered web hosting is important because it gives businesses higher up-time compared to other web hosting solutions. This is because in standard web hosting solutions. Your website will be hosted on one server which is liable to go through a point of failure. So, clustered web hosting basically spreads this load of hosting across many physical machines to increase the availability of services and lower the chances of any service affection another service. This explains why larger sites use clustered WordPress hosting where the site is replicated across many web servers; for example, discussion forums usually operate with multiple front-end servers and many back-end database servers.

How Does Clustered Web Hosting Work?

Whenever a single server malfunctions, the rest of the servers will automatically take up the workload and the client websites can continue to function seamlessly. Usually most hosting set-ups will use a single physical server for hosting many services such as databases, web mails and FTP accounts. When you have a single machine, it also implies single point of failure; however, when you choose clustering services with many hardware machines, there is load balancing and the single point of failure can be eliminated successfully. It increases availability of the website and makes it resilient to down times. When you have a single server, it will also need regular rebooting for software upgrades but in clustered web hosting, restarts can be staggered so that services remain available while upgrading takes place simultaneously.

These features make clustered hosting very similar to cloud server hosting because in cloud hosting too, resources from multiple servers are made available to client websites on demand. A cluster host is therefore a host which has been configured to assume role of another server within a certain cluster. This will help to do away with dangers of single point of failure, ensuring the better use of network resources in the process.

Key Benefits of Clustered Web Hosting

1) Better Quality Resources: In a clustered hosting environment, the hosting account is powered by resources emanating from an entire cluster of web servers. As a result, clients enjoy powerful processing resources.

2) Enhanced Storage: Several clustering web servers are connected through each front-end server; so clients get ample data storage space whenever required.

3) Higher Security: In a web hosting cluster, backend servers are connected to front-end servers. This arrangement secures client data from malicious intrusion. 

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