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Cloud backup is also referred to as remote backup or online backup and the technology has been there for a decade and more. Businesses have resorted to cloud backup service providers for the reliability and efficiency of the technology. It is a service in which cloud computing resources are used for creating, editing, managing and restoring data and applications backup remotely across the Internet. But unlike traditional backup methods, cloud technology is flexible and scalable depending on rise and fall of demands.

The cloud backup market today is quite saturated since there are multiple cloud backup service providers, each offering many attractive storage features. This is why it may help if businesses consider some important factors before choosing a provider.

- Efficiency: You need to choose a provider which can guarantee faster data delivery and faster backups.

- Scalability and Versatility: The cloud backup service provider should be able to support multiple platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac and UNIX and various applications that businesses are likely to use eventually. This versatility is important to help businesses expand with time.

- Customizability: Since no two businesses are alike, the provider should be able to give you plans which can be customized to suit your business needs.

- Security: The provider must offer high level of security to maintain confidentiality of client information. Reputed provider also give clients total control over encryption keys.

Finally, your cloud backup service provider must be accessible 24x7 so that they can offer you technical help whenever there is a glitch.

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