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Clustering refers to a group of machines or servers and resources which work like one system and guarantee high data availability, load balancing etc. So, a cluster host is a server which can support multiple guest operating systems that may run on some other physical machine. If the physical machine malfunctions or has to be rebooted, this cluster host must be configured so that it can support the operating systems of the original server. Cluster cloud hosting is a form of cloud computing where there is a group of computers which are interlinked to work like one entity.

Users turn to clustered cloud hosting for many reasons, particularly when a single computer is liable to fail at some point or the other and this form of hosting ensures that computing resources are always available. So, the main reason behind clustered hosting is to create redundancy within a network to ensure that the network continues to function seamlessly and does not fail. This computing is therefore very essential for hosting websites because clustered hosting will distribute the workload across many machines to accommodate more traffic. Cloud hosting services are typically based on such load-balanced clusters where data is stored on SAN or Storage Area Network; any server in this cluster can be added or removed from the cluster when required. When any server is malfunctioning or down because of maintenance issues, other servers will take up the load.

There are many benefits of clustered cloud hosting because customers have to pay only for resources they use; they are also free to add or delete resources. Moreover, the web hosting services can deploy servers without any delays. This form of hosting also delivers superior network uptime compared to web hosting services from standard servers. When you choose cloud computing, you can make use of diverse technologies within the same cloud. Finally, the client enterprises will not have to purchase and install new hardware or software every time. 

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