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Cloud Computing Maturity Model (CCMM)

The cloud computing maturity model or CMMM refers to a model designed for managing cloud services; the model is meant to help business executives to make progress while offering cloud hosting services to client enterprises. So the CMMM basically benchmarks services and evaluates the level of success or achievement of service targets. So the CMMM basically seeks to explain the actual means by which cloud services are delivered, showing controls and events that can help in the automation of such services.

The CMMM goes through multiple stages where the initial stages are devoted to getting these cloud services off the ground. The following stages focus on providing better practices for managing such services or more automation. This explains why many experts state that this cloud computing maturity model is really a unified approach towards IT-as-a-Service. In this, most of the company’s operations are offered across the Internet instead of being maintained in-house.

The CMMM is really a maturity grid meant for cloud hosting vendors. Like other maturity models, it represents a grid or matrix that is presented through columns and rows. The criteria which will be evaluated will be placed in the left column while the corresponding row will include the typical behavior in each development stage. The model should ideally not have greater than 5 levels. The fifth level is the most professional level. Once this model is made, it gives the vendor a good insight into how close it has come to being fully developed in terms of specific criteria. For example, this model can help to show a vendor that while it has the power to balance load during traffic spikes, it needs to improve the interface.

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