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The cloud computing reseller refers to a type of information technology service provider which buys cloud hosting solutions from a provider and then resells these to its own clients. The cloud computing resellers will buy hosting services from CSPs or cloud service providers and cater to their own buyers. The VARs or Value-Added Resellers will add such programs to their own packages of products and services, offering extra support and functions when they sell such services using their own company names for generating profits. The cloud service resellers will be able to resell almost all cloud computing products like storage, hardware, infrastructure or services. 

They can buy the products such as storage or licenses or server stacks and then sell these to their clients for some profit. They are also referred to as value-added resellers when they are complementing some cloud service with more value or functions. For example, when a cloud storage reseller integrates a provider’s storage solutions with photo-editing software, it enhances the value of this software.

How to start a cloud reseller business?

Before starting a cloud reseller business, you need to have the right strategy in place. Here is what you can do:

1) Decide on your Niche

While there are a wide array of cloud services that can be resold, it is good to narrow down your alternatives and focus on a few areas. Specializing in one or two areas will make your business stand out and let you establish your brand around a product/service.

2) Learn about your Target Customer

To excel as a reseller, carry out due diligence to study your target customer. Learn about their key pain areas, price constraints and the solutions they seek. With this information, you can predict what your customers want and accordingly bring out a product/service they will buy.

3) Find a Supplier

Once you get the hang of what you are going to offer your target customer, it’s time to find a supplier who sells these. When choosing a supplier, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. First, they should have a premium-quality product/service. Secondly, there should be round-the-clock support so that any issues faced by your customers get resolved in real-time. In addition, the supplier should have adequate experience, superior technology, robust security measures and cost-effective pricing.

4) Determine How you will Market your Offerings

How you market your product goes a long way in deciding the success of your cloud service reseller business. To spread the word about your product/service, hire and train a team of marketing/sales professionals who will help you generate leads and gain new customers. Seek the help of your supplier in this regard.

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