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Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)

What is a Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)?

The Cloud Data Management Interface, as the name suggests, is the interface for data management in cloud computing. This functional interface can be used to retrieve, create, delete, and update data elements from any cloud. It permits the client to find out the available capabilities in cloud storage. It further helps in the management of the data and the containers place in them. It also allows the accusation between the metadata and the containers.

With this, the metadata is allowed to set on the containers and their contained data elements. The interface is readily used by the management and administration for the management of the accounts, containers, security access, and billing information. With the use of this interface, the capabilities of the cloud data management services and underlying storage are exposed.

The operations of the Cloud Data Management Interface are divided into two types by international standards:

-Those that use the CDMI content type in the HTTP body

-Those who do not make the use of it

The CDMI can also be used by the management and administrative applications, it defines the means to store and retrieve the data as well as manage the data. The means by which data management is done is known as control path and the means by which data retrieval is achieved is known as the data path. CDMI can also manage the cloud storage properties and its capabilities are discovered by the capabilities allowed to a client.

Cloud computing services rely on backing up, sending or receiving data to/from a secure location. Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)

is the software that offers the visual display of tools for manipulating data. It allows the client to see what cloud technology offers vis-à-vis features and functionality. So, cloud-based data management is an avenue for realizing the full potential of cloud-based services. CDMI developers adhere to design principles in order to provide quality offerings to clients.

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