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CDN Technology

CDN Technology has made the delivery of information faster, thereby bringing a revolutionary change with itself. There are many basic queries related to this technology. This article will try to provide answers to these essential questions.
CDN Technology – What Is It?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Networks. They act as the transparent backbone of the internet that oversees the delivery of content. CDN technology has been progressively used by video sites, online shopping websites, and news sites for providing their users with better user experience. With cloud CDN the users are able to get information faster. This technology is used in almost every type of content. To understand this burgeoning popularity of Content Delivery Networks, it’s important to know what the reasons behind such popularity are.
For understanding why these CDNs are so popular, the first thing you need to understand is the problem for which this technology has been invented, in the first place. Content Delivery Networks basically solve the problems of latency. Earlier it was frequently seen that you have to wait for long time to get answer after entering a query. Suppose, you asked for a certain webpage, it usually took a long time to respond and open up. There was an annoying delay. This is known as latency. To remove this aspect CDNs were invented. Now, the question comes, why was there a delay in fetching and providing information to the user? There were many factors. However, the factor that is solved by the CDNs is the distance travelled by instruction and information from the user to server and back. If the server is located at a geographical location that is far from the user fetching information then it’ll take lots of time to serve the information to the user. That’s why you see that a certain website is taking longer time period to open. CDN technology solves this problem by shortening the physical distance and thereby improve website rending speed as well as performance.

How Does CDNs Work?

CDN technology places cached versions of its content at multiple geographical locations, which are again known as PoPs or (Points of Presence). Every PoP consists caching servers that provide users with the relevant information. Proximity is an important aspect here. Suppose, you are based in West Bengal state of India. In that case, information sought by you will be fetched from a PoP located near to you, whether the PoP is located in your state or a state nearby, say Orissa. If the main server is located at California in the United States then it will take lots of time to travel the whole path from West Bengal (India) to California (USA) and back. However, a nearby PoP containing cached content will solve this problem.
Who Generally Use CDN Technology?

Content Delivery Networks are used by almost everyone nowadays. However, this technology is most popular among specialized sectors that need almost instant or fast delivery of content to the targeted user. Some of those sectors where CDN technology are highly popular are ecommerce, online gaming, media and entertainment, advertising, government departments, healthcare, mobile, and many more.

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