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Cloud solutions are vast and can work efficiently for everyone be it individuals, small and large businesses. The advantages are many. Users can draw as many services as they wish. There is no upfront investment in infrastructure.
Cloud Solutions Are Offered In Three Forms:
Public cloud is a solution for entities that need affordable and scalable features where they can adjust the resources on demand without hosting on a dedicated machine. Resources are pulled from a network of virtual servers. The data is transmitted using the same public networks as the internet. The billing is done on pay-as-you-use model which ensures the client will not pay for resources they have not consumed.
Private cloud is a solution for entities that require the flexibility of the cloud in a private exclusive environment. They do not share the resources with any other entity. The features of public cloud apply here and are further enhanced with more privacy and security.
Hybrid cloud is a “mix and match” solution where an entity can use both the private and public cloud for their applications. They house their critical applications in the private cloud and their daily applications in the public cloud.
Cloud solutions also include data backup and disaster recovery solutions. The files and applications are copied and stored in data centers away from the business premises.
Cloud solutions eliminate the risks of latency. Deploying CDN servers across strategic points and replicating the content, they make sure the service is delivered to the visitor from the nearest machine. The delivery speed is enhanced giving the visitors a unique experience.
The cloud services are all managed services. The service providers are responsible for hardware and software infrastructure maintenance. Users need not have high technical skills to work while in the cloud.  With firewalls, anti D-DoS solutions and encryption, the clients are assured of superior quality protection from cyber-attacks.

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