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How to Manage Storing and Backing Up a Million Databases Efficiently?

CloudOYE cloud services include both storing of shared and private SQL databases. They offer complete backup services to over a million databases. They ensure quick distribution of the backups to manage peak traffic demands without faltering.
Taking backups increases the load and consumption of resources as it involves copying of the data and transferring to other servers. CloudOYE in the earlier days all its backup activities during off-peak hours i.e. late in the nights when traffic is negligible. But this had some glitches. Now the backups are carried out in bits and pieces in between the day making sure there are no performance issues.
How to Make Database Backups

There are two ways to do database backups. One is by using a format to save the database that is readable by any DBMS and secondly exporting the data in SQL format. CloudOYE takes the best features of both the options and gets the right solutions.

The Dump Method:

It creates a text file of all the SQL commands and has the ability to restore to its original form once the dump is completed. The data thus can be easily migrated across all versions of the DBMS and any other engine. The files can be manually modified if required before the dump. However, the dump method can take long time depending on the size and volume of data.
The backups can also be performed in DBMS format. This can be done by utilizing the opensource XtraBackup tool. It enables taking constant backups without the need of table locking. Before applying the techniques of backup, CloudOYE makes sure your tables are in a proper condition which again will increase the RAM consumption.
All your data is replicated in an encrypted form and stored in different locations at third-party storage platforms.

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