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How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud storage is a platform to store data and other applications of a business at an off-site third-party data center. Rather than using your computer's hard drive or any other storage device in your business location, the information is stored in servers that are placed in remote regions. You will access your services via the internet. There are many advantages of using the cloud storage over the traditional storage systems.
When your data is on the cloud storage, you can access it from anywhere, at any time so long as you are connected to an internet enabled device. in earlier times, you had to carry external storage devices with you running the risk of losing them. Cloud storage enables you to work remotely and can collaborate with others and continue the work without the need to physically be present at the same computer where the data is stored.  

How It Works:

A cloud storage user sends their data over the internet to the data server to which the cloud storage system is connected. The data server records the complete information. The user can access and retrieve the information at any time using a web-based interface.
Cloud is a network of interconnected servers and more can be created on demand. To make sure that you get uninterrupted services, in the cloud the data is copied and stored in multiple servers. This assures of redundancy and there will be no disturbance in performance even if the servers are offline for maintenance.
Because the servers are interconnected, even if one machine is down, you can still get access to your data from the other machines. Since the data servers are in different locations, the issues of latency or slow uploads do not arise wherever you are located.
The risk of running out of storage space is seldom an issue. The risk of loss of data is also very rare in the cloud. Even if your computer goes corrupt, the data is available at any or all the off-site servers where it had been replicated.
The crucial requirement is to choose a reliable cloud service provider. Service availability and data security are primary concerns that your provider must address.

Some of the ways of data security that are put into practice include encryption of data when the applications are being moved to the cloud and while in transit. Access to the data is done only on authentication with a username and password. You can also restrict access by assigning privileges.

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