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What are the security laws which take care of the data in the cloud?

To understand how to secure data in the cloud hosting, you must first evaluate how sensitive the data is that you are planning to transfer to the cloud. While you can get many safeguards for data protection in the cloud, it makes sense to assess the data before storing it.You need to ensure that the password gets regularly updated to avoid your data from getting hacked. Data encryption was always compulsory for industries like the healthcare industry earlier. Now, more and more businesses are beginning to adopt this practice of encryption to ensure that data remains secure.

Security Laws Which Can be Enforced to Secure Information Stored in the Cloud are:

- Input Validation: That basically controls the data which is being given to any system.
- Processing: Referring to the control that data is getting processed properly and completely within an application.
- File: Controlling data being placed in any file.
- Output Reconciliation: Controlling information which must be reconciled, input to output.
- Backup and Recovery: Controlling security breaches and handling issues that have cropped up when creating backups. 
What are the security laws which are implemented to secure data in a cloud? Is this the right question or one should ask how effective are such security laws in protecting data in the cloud. As cloud security is internet-based security that has been outsourced, more doubts arise on securing data in the cloud. 
There were many issues associated with data storage and hence people shifted to cloud storage and things got easier since then. The best part was that small enterprises started saving a lot once they migrated to cloud storage. There is always a single data server through which a user can access his or her data, they just need a good internet connection. Clouds key aspects or technologies answer very well the question of how to secure data in cloud computing. 

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