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What is the Advantages of Cloud Hosting in Medical Sector?

The medical industry has been able to decrease its capital expenditure significantly by adopting the cloud hosting. It has given them a lot of scopes to store the consumer data in a secure and efficient manner using either of the three clouds-public, private or hybrid.
1. Electronic Storage of Data:

Cloud is flexible, scalable and secure. The medical industry can store, archive patient health information including medical images, tests, reports etc in a secure manner and can keep adding more information with ease and without any fear of losing any data. In fact, it is mandatory for the healthcare units to use the electronic mode of keeping patient records in many countries.

2. Rationalized Collaboration:

Using the modern communication devices such as mobile phones, video conferencing, data forwarding using applications specifically built for the medical industry the doctors can consult with each other while taking some important steps with a patients health. This has helped improve the health facilities in the rural areas to a large extent.

3. Big Data Savings:

Medical professionals have better facilities, with prognostic healthcare model, to analyze and offer improved and correct medicines to the patients. The huge list of images like scans, x-rays, reports, tests, prescriptions, and other similar data are difficult to store in the traditional models of storage. There are chances of losing devices or missing out on storing some information. Cloud storage eliminates these risks. Being scalable, it allows one to add more space as and when required.

4. Facility of Health Services in Remote Locations:

Doctors and professional medical consultants can use their mobile devices to monitor their patients from remote areas thereby saving time as well as travel costs in addition to money.

Data privacy and security issues has been one of the biggest challenges being faced by the health industry. Healthcare units prefer the private cloud and the hybrid cloud over the public cloud to address the patient information security concerns.

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