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Does Using A CDN Guarantee 100% Availability For My Site?

CDNs are designed to deliver content at high speed. It is a process where the content of your site is replicated and distributed over multiple servers spread at different locations. When a visitor requests for some content it is delivered from the closest server at an amazing speed. This allows the visitor to finish their tasks quickly and move on creating space for more traffic. CDN distributes the traffic equally among the servers and with this no single server is burdened with heavy traffic load and reduces the chances of servers crashing.

CDNs also have the automatic redirection mechanisms that allows users to be directed to other active servers and ensures the CDN server hosting websites 100% availability even at times of network issues, power outages and hardware failures

CDN enhances website performance in many ways and provides an opportunity to reach audiences from across the globe. With a CDN your business will gain several benefits increasing the user experience while keeping your site safe from cyber-attacks. CDN is one of the most efficient tools to boost your web performance irrespective of the fact where your customer is located.

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