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What Are the Advantages of Using Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has several advantages. It removes many of the hurdles that are seen in the traditional form of hosting.

1. More Reliable: Cloud works as a network of virtual servers. It does not rely on a single source and even if one unit is down, you get your services from the other active units in the network.
2. More Affordable: Cloud billing is done on the "pay-as-you-use" model. This ensures you are not paying for services you have not consumed. There is no necessity for you to do any major upfront investments on procuring hardware or buying software licenses. Your main requirement is a fast internet connection.

3. Easily Scalable: Cloud scales both ways on demand. You can increase the capacity at peak times and restore back to previous capacity once the traffic normalizes eliminating possibilities of traffic spikes.

4. Easy Accessibility: You can get access to your applications and files from any location, at any time and on any device so long as you have an internet connection.
5. No Maintenance Issues: Cloud servers are located off your site. Your hosts take the responsibility of all hardware repairs and replacements, purchasing of software, its licenses, updates, security patches, and everything related to the server to make sure there is no issue that could hinder the performance.
6. Better Collaboration: Employees in an organization can collaborate better. Field staff can update and share their work from wherever they are in a secured environment which enables the in-house staff to continue with their work saving both money on travel and time. This also enables an employee to work from home.

7. Disaster Recovery: Data safety should be a priority concern for every business. You have no control over calamities and disasters. In the cloud, your data is stored at multiple locations making it easier to recover any lost data quickly and efficiently. 

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