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Can You Trust the Cloud with Your Data?

Cloud has eliminated the need to procure external devices to store your data and other applications. You now do not have to worry about your disk becoming full or the anxiety of losing any of your data.
It required quite some time for people to get convinced and trust the cloud with their information. If the question "how safe is my data in the cloud" is still lingering in your mind the following points should help clear all your inhibitions about the cloud.
Cloud is a network of interconnected servers which means the risk of single point of failure is not there. It becomes very difficult for the online fraudsters to intrude into the system. The storage providers build the servers with firewalls, anti-intrusion solutions, and detection systems.
What You Should Do:


The cloud hosting services encrypt your data from the source i.e. while it is still on your servers and then transmit it over to their remote servers. Even if a hacker manages to intercept your data, it will not make any sense to them. It is all coded and jumbled with alphabets and numbers. In case you still feel unsafe, you could also encrypt it from your side.
File Sharing:

When you share your files with others, create a copy of the data and send the copy. The hackers cannot misuse the copy since the originals are safe behind firewalls.

You must be in control and decide the access privileges to others. Create strong passwords, two-step authentication etc to double protect the data from getting into the hands of cyber criminals.

Backup Files:

Always invest in automatic backup and disaster recovery. It can help save you plenty of money in case you lose your data for some reason.
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