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What Does Cloud Storage Gateway Mean?

Cloud storage gateway can be defined as a powerful hardware networking device or an advanced software. The device which can be implemented on a local application is used to establish connectivity and provide translation convenience between the local application and the service offering cloud storage. A cloud storage gateway can be the ideal device for transferring data between protocols and services that are incompatible.

Cloud storage gateway is designed to provide highly efficient interoperability between various types of data protocols in the cloud architecture of the client or server. It facilitates interoperability among the API of data storage system of the client and the SCSI.

The most elementary function of cloud storage gateway is to translate the storage access standards to the commonly-used and popular API models. It is also used for making the transfer of data between the data center and the cloud more efficient. This is usually done by reducing protocol chatter and utilizing advanced technology like data reduction. Security concerns during such data transfer processes are addressed by encrypting data and ensuring secure storage.

While some experts opine that the cloud might not be the right place to store primary data because of factors like high access latency and potential slow connection, the general view is that this problem can be addressed by using cloud storage gateway with strong caching capabilities. The cloud server is a better option to store rarely accessed data such as archives. An on-premise copy is not needed in such instances.
Disaster resilience and backup are also best examples of applications that can be best utilized in the cloud. In backup especially, a large amount of data needs to be stored but they are accessed very infrequently. Dedicated cloud storage gateway can come handy in such situations as it is designed to delink operational data from backup data.

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