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How Often Do You Monitor The Data Centers and Servers?

CloudOYE has a team of qualified engineers who work around the clock at their data centers. We offer proactive monitoring. Checks are done on each component constantly to make sure they are in top working condition. At the slightest suspicion, the experts immediately change the component while informing the client about it. Doing this, we try to ensure that your business will not have disturbance and have assured uptime of at least 99.95%.
Monitoring the data center IT infrastructure such as the cooling systems, power backup system and ensuring N+1 redundancy we, in addition, keeping the present day environmental conditions, we do a granular inspection of racks and servers. Because of the environmental imbalance, there are possibilities of the finding hotspots in some areas and cooler spots in another area.  We have installed temperature sensors to identify these flaws and our technical experts in the respective departments to take corrective measures.
Our safety technicians do a continuous inspection of any possibilities of leakage. A minor mistake can ruin not only the data center but can put several businesses out of action causing severe losses all around.  We have deployed leak sensors at places where liquids are present in our data center. There are tools available to monitor and detect excess humidity. With the humidity sensors, we maintain the balance.
Our data centers have the provision to facilitate employees working remotely. They may be accessing the data center services using different public connectivity. We have our troubleshooting team checking on their devices by pinging them to ensure they are not facing any latency issues while identifying the root cause of issues. Our helpdesk is available around the corner over the phone, email, and live chat to answer any issue the clients may have.

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