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Write any two features of cloud storage encryption

What is Cloud Encryption?

Data Protection is the main concern of every organization. We are looking for ways to ensure the security of our information. The recent events of data theft have only re-emphasized the importance of data protection. Cloud encryption is one of the most effective methods to ensure the protection of your Data. Cloud Hosting encryption is the process of encoding data before it is moved to the cloud. Encryption uses mathematical algorithms to ensure the security of your data. It is the most effective way to protect data from any unauthorized third party access. Encryption keys can be then used to decrypt data. Decryption allows users to access the information.

Basically, the data thatís encrypted has three types: in transit, at rest and in use.


It simply refers to data that is being transferred from one place to another. Data transfer can be done between a sender and a receiver. However, data transfer can also be done between multiple entities as well.


This means the data is not being used by anyone. It is simply stored in a pen drive, hard drive or on a database server, etc.


This means the Data is constantly being used by different applications. This kind of data is difficult to encrypt and is vulnerable to different kinds of threats.

Methods of Cloud Encryption

Symmetric algorithm

A key is used for the purpose of both encryption and decryption. It is mostly used for bulk encryption. However, the key can be used by anyone to decrypt information.

Asymmetric algorithm

It is divided into two types of keys. One is a public key and another is a private key. The private key needs to be kept hidden. However, the public key can be shared with anyone.

Why is Cloud Encryption Needed?

Cloud encryption helps to secure information as it travels from multiple computers through the Internet. Companies look for innovative solutions to keep their data secure from hackers and malware. Encryption can help them achieve their goals of keeping their data safe. Data encryption not only helps the organization to secure their own information but also of their clients and customers. Especially organizations that handle sensitive customer information such as banking and healthcare can benefit from data encryption.

It also motivates business partners to collaborate with your company knowing that their information will be safe. Hackers also benefit from altering information to commit fraud, not just from stealing data center. It is possible for these hackers to change and modify encoded data. However, receivers of the information have the ability to identify if it is corrupted, allowing for an immediate response and solution to the attack.

Cloud Encryption Best Practises

Encrypt the data before uploading it. Maintain a backup of your data locally. If the data on the cloud gets corrupted you can also restore your data using the local backup. Lastly you can also use cryptography to add a layer of encryption to secure your data. These three practices can helps protect you vital company information. 

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