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Why is cloud storage better than memory card for storage, What are the different types of cloud storage?

What is cloud storage?

In cloud storage data is stored across a network of servers over the internet. The host provides storage space and maintains the cloud infrastructure. Over the years cloud storage has become quite popular. Most of the companies have already moved their data over the cloud. It provides reliability, scalability and security. It is a cost effective storage solution that allows the organization to access data remotely. It has significantly helped in improving performance and increasing productivity. 

How does cloud storage work?

In cloud storage organizations move their data to online servers. Users can access their information over the internet using an interface. These servers can also be used for data backup and data recovery in case of a natural disaster.

Benefits of cloud storage

File sharing

Cloud storage allows users to share and edit files. It allows multiple users to work on the same file from different locations.


The information is updated on a real time basis. This means if a particular user makes any changes it will be visible to the rest of the user.

Virtual convenience

Virtualization eliminates the need to invest in the maintenance of physical infrastructure.


Cloud storage allows users to scale their resources as per their requirement. Scaling resources in cloud storage is less time-consuming and does not result in any downtime related issues.


The host bears all the expenses of maintaining the cloud infrastructure. The organization only pays for the services they use making it a cost-effective storage solution.


The host uses encryption and multilevel authorization to ensure the security of client data.

Disaster recovery

Data is the backbone of every organization. In cloud storage data center is stored on multiple servers allowing the organization to retrieve data in case of a hardware failure.

How to choose the right cloud storage provider

Check vendorís past performance records

Downtime can seriously affect the performance of the organization. It is important to check the uptime record of your service provider. It can help you to choose the right cloud storage host for your organization.

Look for software compatibility

The cloud storage services must be compatible with the variety of software being used by the organization. If your organization is into big data then your cloud storage service provider should be able to provide the necessary support required to manage your data.

Identify cloud backup services

The amount of data backup varies for different cloud service providers. We would suggest that you get a clarity on how much data back your service provider is capable of delivering.

Ensure security standards

Security is of utmost importance for every organization. It is essential to thoroughly examine the security features of your cloud storage service provider. It is crucial to avoid any breach of security to ensure the protection of your vital company information.

Store your data efficiently

Cloud storage allows organizations to store data without investing in physical hardware. Organizations can also access data from any location without having to move the data. It also helps in maintaining data back and avoiding loss of data.

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