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What is the Difference Between Traditional Data Centers And Cloud?

There is a misconception that cloud and data center are interchangeable words. Nevertheless, they are different and the only common feature that they share is of storing data. Data centers store the IT on physical hardware while the cloud relies on the internet.

Traditional Data centers

Most traditional data centers offer select services - shared, dedicated (and some VPS). The traditional data centers may or may not have hosted their platform on the internet and could be on-premises facility.

Second, they may not have pooled their resources and each server could be behaving as a separate unit in itself.

Data Center vs Cloud

Precisely, cloud services are hosted on the same data center as any other hosting technology. The chief difference is how the services are procured. Put simply, cloud is a service while data center is a setup. You can choose to run or not run cloud service provider from a data center. It is simply a matter of what you want and don't want to offer as service bundle.

A data center is a physical entity that allows businesses to store, organize and transfer data easily. On the other hand, the cloud is a virtual resource that allows businesses to store, organize and transfer data easily. Scaling a data center requires a huge amount of investment. On the other hand, scaling of cloud requires less amount of investment. The maintenance cost of the data center is quite high because developers are required for the maintenance. On the other hand, the maintenance cost of the cloud is less because service providers maintain it. The data center may or may not require an internet connection. On the other hand, the cloud requires a stable internet connection to provide the functionalities.

Difference between Cloud Computing and Traditional Data Center

Data centers are construed in two ways. One is in-house data center where the IT is maintained and managed by the organization's technical professionals. The second form where an organization houses the IT at a third-party data center and utilize their servers and other infrastructure to make their data accessible to consumers. The data center has a limited capacity which can be increased only with additional purchasing of equipment.

If you look closely, there isn't a lot of difference between cloud computing and traditional data center. The below paragraph would help you to understand the concept better.

Cloud is an online storage system that runs on the virtualization technology. It scales seamlessly and offers efficient backup and recovery solutions. The providers offer the infrastructure and do the maintenance too. Cloud can be set up and starts running instantly. Cloud is accessible from anywhere. The providers use multiple data centers to accommodate the cloud servers and resources. Organizations can choose either of the platforms. Cloud is more affordable but offers limited powers in comparison to data centers.

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