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How Choose Cloud Hosting Over Other Hosting?

Cloud hosting is being preferred by most businesses today because of the many advantages which it offers in comparison to traditional forms of hosting. One of the biggest reasons to use cloud hosting is to get a higher server up-time. When up-time is high, the site performance will invariably be superior. The high up-time in a cloud is possible as there is no one point of failure. Even if a server fails to process a request, another server on standby will take over the workload. In traditional web hosting, failure of a server will lead to inevitable downtime.

Cloud hosting scores over other forms of hosting solutions because you only have to pay for the resources you are using and nothing extra. So, you can save on costs of resources. But, in traditional hosting, you would have to pay fixed sum for resource allocation, regardless of whether you actually use them or not.

Cloud hosting also offers increased security because there are security measures deployed at multiple levels. The cloud provider will guarantee data security through advanced methods like data encryption, data isolation and data storage segregation, effective firewalls and backup solutions. In traditional shared hosting for instance, resources are shared among many users and chances of malicious activities in neighboring sites affecting your site's reputation are very high.

Finally, cloud hosting finds more takers because of the high scalability and flexibility if offers. You can provision new resources like servers, higher bandwidth or memory in real time to cope with the changing business demands. In traditional hosting on the other hand, you would have to wait for resources to be deployed and a physical server will also have limited resource capacity. With cloud hosting, you can access data, no matter where you are based and this promotes better collaboration among team members. So, overall productivity is increased and employees can share real time updates.

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