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How can Cloud Hosting help SEO?

Cloud computing service is undoubtedly progressive move for every business. There are many ways in which cloud hosting helps SEO. Some of them are described below-

1- Increased Loading Speed of Webpage
The major thing that need to be considered in order to select ideal hosting service for your business is loading speed. Faster loading speed of website means better will be the business and there will be more visitors on the website.
Apart from comfort, increased loading speed has positive impact on the SEO rank of the site. Google uses analytical metric in order to choose the website to feature.
User Experience Rating (UX) is one of the analytical metrics used by Google. Hence, higher the UX rating of a website, better experience will visitors have and it will also possess high Google ranking.
With cloud hosting, the webpage speed will surely increase. Through effective online resources' distribution, cloud hosted websites have great ranking. Although, numerous tricks exist which can improve the SEO ranking of website.
2- Hosting Location

Other factors which influences the ranking of SEO is hosting location. Most of the search engines favor websites that are hosted locally. For instance, a user of internet residing in Europe searching for a websites on a search engine will get more results of .eu. as compared to .com.

Owing to this, most of the traditional website owners have to rent or buy servers in target markets. This trick is mostly used by small SEO enterprises for developing cheap SEO packages.
However, with cloud hosting, the situation is completely different. The cloud hosting platform possess servers across the globe; therefore, with .us, .com, .au websites the appropriate location will be served automatically.
3- Protection Against BOT
If you are availing renowned cloud hosting, then BOT protection is guaranteed. Malicious or Bots automated scripts are activities that might have negative impact on the website. In addition, it might affect SEO ranking badly.
Online industries are quite protective regarding security threats. Unfortunately, it is rather just a few people that are aware of the work process of Bots. Basically, they are apps that attack and command search engine.
Therefore, if you use cloud hosting server, then your website is secured from such kind of bots as it will provide protection from spamming bots. 

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