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Why Should Your Business Choose Cloud Technology?

Most businesses are using the cloud technologies and enjoying greater reliability and performance. If you are using on-premise solutions, you must consider moving to the cloud. Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain.
1- Affordable:

The cloud services are on a subscription basis. You pay only for what you use. It removes the need to rely on hardware for storage, backups, eliminates the necessity of procuring software licenses, installations etc.
2- You Don't Require Technical Expertise:

The cloud servers are in remote data centers away from your premises. The server management, maintenance, upgrades, software installations, updates, security patches, and every other server related matters are handled by the service providers. If your business is not IT concerned, you need not recruit technically qualified people.
3- Scalable:

Your business will grow soon. You may add new services, there could be new recruitment's, the traffic too will increase. There will be some unpredictable requirements. This means you cannot plan and predict your needs. Cloud allows scalability on demand. You can increase or reduce the server capacity anytime on your own with just a few clicks. You can manage traffic spikes with ease and avoid wastage since you pay only for what you consume.
4- Access From Anywhere:

Cloud hosting services are accessible over the internet. This allows people to work on their applications and data from anywhere, at any time, and on any internet enabled device. Employees can work from home, field staff can update their reports from wherever they are, you can hire remotely located professionals. It saves you plenty of time as well as resources while improving collaboration.
5- More Reliable:

Cloud can ensure business continuity and availability. It works as a network of interconnected servers. In the other hosting options, if there is a server outage, it means downtime and your business will suffer. This risk is eliminated in the cloud. If one server is down, you get your resources from the other servers in the network without any compromise on speed.

6- Security And Disaster Recovery:

Risks of losing data due to hardware going corrupt or stolen will not be there in the cloud. The providers encrypt your data at source and replicate it across multiple servers in at least three different locations. This ensures the data is available somewhere all the time. Risks of losing data if a disaster strikes your business premise are not felt when in the cloud, since your website continues to be available.

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