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How to optimize a Drupal website hosted on a dedicated solution?

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) application today that offers performance and stability for almost all kind of websites. But if it's not maintained properly, performance of your website maybe deteriorated.

Since your Drupal website is hosted on a dedicated server, you'll have root access to your server and hence you can optimize the website from your end. You need to modify global MySQL settings in order to optimize the performance of your website.

Besides, we recommend you to make following changes in the /etc/my.cnffile to optimize performance of your Drupal website hosted on a dedicated solution:

Set Max_Connections= 800
Set Max_User_Connections= 800
Set Key_Buffer= 36M
Set Myisam_Sort_Buffer_Size= 64M
Set Join_Buffer_Size= 2M
Set Read_Buffer_Size= 2M
Set Sort_Buffer_Size= 3M
Set Table_Cache= 1024
Set Thread_Cache_Size= 286
Set Interactive_Timeout= 25
Set Wait_Timeout= 1800
Set Connect_Timeout= 10
Set Max_Allowed_Packet= 1M
Set Max_Connect_Errors= 999999
Set Query_Cache_Limit= 1M
Set Query_Cache_Size= 16M
Set Query_Cache_Type= 1
Set Tmp_Table_Size= 16M

That's it! Now your Drupal website is optimized for better performance. 

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