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How Amazon Web Services Has Become So Successful?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) was first introduced in the year 2006. Since then, it has steadily grown in popularity with its huge range of cloud computing products and services. It offers servers, networks, storage, email, security, mobile computing, and many others.
There are Two Biggest Products of AWS:-

1- EC2 (Elastic Compute cloud) which removes the hassles of procuring, deploying, and maintaining hardware in-house and
2- S3 (Simple Storage Service) the scalable, flexible, easily accessible storage platform.
How It Works:

AWS is distributed into 18 global regions and 55 availability zones. Each region is independent which gives them greater fault tolerance, stability, security, and scalability.
Cost Efficient:

AWS works like a utility service. It offers a range of compute services that businesses can avoid building their own infrastructure and save money. They can rather take the services they require from the AWS cloud. In the traditional model, organizations must invest a considerable amount on storage space, its maintenance, and additional infrastructure hardware for scalability and backup.
Small businesses can benefit in a big way with the pay-per-use costing of AWS. It allows the users to start with a low resource plan to start with and increase the capacity as the business grows.

Cloud storage is different. It eliminates the uncertainty that a growing business faces. This is because they are unsure of the traffic. Building a large storage can become a waste if traffic does not grow and likewise, a small storage can cause hindrances if traffic is growing.  The same principles apply to other computing resources. In the traditional form, it can either create waste or fall short. AWS cloud corrects this defect with its scalability on demand either way.  An organization on AWS will never have traffic pressures or risks of unavailability. You can increase the instance capacity when the rush is high and lock up the instances not in use when the peak demand subsides.
Simple Migration Tools:

AWS is a great platform for a business to start and an existing business to manage unpredictable traffic demands. There are the AWS consulting partners that a small business could trust to migrate all or some of the applications to the managed AWS cloud.
Reliable And Secure:

It goes without saying, AWS is far superior, then any in-house or third-party data center, so far as the reliability and security aspects are concerned. Their data centers are well spaced out across different geographic locations each under the most stringent security measures. They are redundant in supply and built, monitored, and managed to handle every type of disaster or outage without creating any disturbance to a business continuity and availability.
AWS has the capability to restore any lost data or applications within a short period. They have the cream of technical expertise working and managing the different aspects. You will not find such expertise with an in-house technical team to handle the AWS tools with the same proficiency.
AWS is the primary contributor to Amazon services and success. It is an affordable solution every business seeks to grow big efficiently.

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