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How to Manage Your VPS Server?

Before providing you all the information you need on how to manage your VPS server, it is important to know what a VPS or virtual private server is and what makes it one of the preferred server solutions for many organizations.

What Is VPS?

A virtual private server is a physical server, partitioned into multiple servers, with each server having the features to perform as a fully dedicated and full-fledged operating system. Each server can also be shut down or booted or rebooted as a single unit when needed by the user without upsetting the performance and working of other servers on the system.

Why Is VPS a Preferred Option?

Despite being in a shared server situation, technically speaking, with VPS server, you remain in control of your server management and operations as in the case of a dedicated server. You will also enjoy exclusive access to vital resources. Unlike shared hosting, you are not required to share bandwidth and RAM with other users on the main machine. You have the option of choosing between managed and un-managed VPS when you choose to upgrade from shared to virtual private server.

Managed or Unmanaged

Unmanaged VPS is recommended for those who are well-versed with server operations and management and have the time and the knowledge to handle VPS server operations without the guidance of an expert. Managed VPS server is for those who are either a novice in server operation or want to spend their time on other important areas of their business and want an expert to deal with their VPS server operations. However, managed VPS server option is expensive as there is a price tag attached to the convenience and efficiency that comes with an expert handling the operations.

How To Manage Your VPS Efficiently?

If you are planning to manage the VPS server on your own, you will have to first ensure that the firewalls and antivirus systems are in place. Also, the features that are no use for your operations must be disabled. This is necessary to secure your server and make server management less hassling and more efficient.
Regular updating of software is also an important part of the server management process. Outdated software can expose your website to vulnerabilities and even take it down completely in some cases. If you are installing new software or any add-ons, you will have to make some changes to the settings to ensure that the performance of the system is not affected in any manner.

What To Expect?

Managed hosting package generally comes with setup and migration assistance and round the clock support with fast response for technical issues when needed. Managed hosting also comes with server and website monitoring and software updates. Many service providers also offer server and website optimization as part of their managed VPS server hosting package. Features offered with managed server hosting may vary vastly from one service provider to another. That's why it is important to choose your VPS server hosting service carefully. Have a server hosting and management expert on your team so that you get the best value for your money.

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