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Performance, Capacity and Security Key Considerations for Cloud Storage

A huge amount of data is being generated by enterprises today which is one of the key reasons why enterprises considering to store data within the cloud. Moving mission-critical tasks into the cloud is a risky affair from a job security and loss of control point of view. New set of skills is required to build a hybrid cloud, but the top most challenges are associated with cloud storage, for instance - how to move it around, where to put it, how to protect it from the black hats and how to ensure optimum performance.

There are Several Key Considerations for Cloud Storage, but Performance, Capacity and Security are Most Prominent Out of Them:

Performance: Performance in cloud storage that uses shared IO exclusively, is still a puzzle for IT professionals. In the case of solid-state drives, improving of performance becomes easier. Private clouds have ample flexibility in balancing performance between networking, computer and storage.

Capacity: Capacity is an important key that should be taken into consideration while opting a cloud storage. You need to analyze how much apace you require now and in the future? Does the space require to be active near-line or on-line, what the number of copies?

Security: Security is undoubtedly the most important concern associated with cloud storage. Disk-based encryption is inappropriate, but the real problem is that servers are not yet equipped to encrypt at line speed. Hopefully, the industry will be able to short out this issue in coming years. 

Over the years there is plenty of data stored on the cloud. Saving the data allows the companies to use it anywhere anytime. However, with the cloud, you should consider performance, capacity, and security for better output from the cloud. Moreover, for a hybrid cloud, you need to have the right skills to manage it. In the case of cloud storage, capacity, performance, and security are the key considerations that everyone should look for.

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