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How to Host a Website on a Dedicated Server?

When you have decided to host a website, you will need to sign up with a capable web host and choose the right hosting plan for showcasing your products and services to the world. If you have started off with shared hosting plans, you may feel the need to upgrade to dedicated hosting plans once the traffic to your website grows. So, to move to dedicated servers you will first need to install the cPanel on this dedicated server. This installation becomes essential to shift the data from shared hosting environment to a dedicated hosting environment.

Find The Right Web Hosting Services: You can choose web hosts which offer many types of dedicated hosting solutions, even those with managed services. To get a server having managed services is beneficial because these will help you to migrate the data to the new environment, and also install the new dedicated server for you.

Install A Control Panel: When you have decided to opt for a cPanel you may have to pay extra because of the licensing fees. For those who have budget limitations setting up a regular dedicated server for their HTML site makes sense and this can be achieved through the following steps:

- You must select a dedicated server depending on the requirements from many options and then request the web host for installing it. you may choose from a variety of Linux based operating systems; usually Ubuntu is preferred because of its simplicity and ease-of-use and popularity.

- You will then need to log onto this server using the SSH and set up the web server and the FTP/ the latter is necessary for transferring files on your website from the local servers to your server. The web servers are nothing but software which allows your servers to cater to the website and the more popular one is Apache. You can have this installed on your server.

- After this you will need to copy the site code onto the server. As FTP has been set up on the server, it is possible to send the files easily from local machines using clients. The more popular option here is Filezilla as it is user-friendly. When you have transferred the files on the server under the preferred location, accessing the site is easy using the IP address of this dedicated server.

- Last but not the least, you need to map the domain name to this server's IP address and this is achieved by adding "A" record to the domain.

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