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How to install WordPress on VPS hosting?

WordPress is currently the most used and popular content management system. It is used on the web. The WordPress powers about 28% of the internet, as per the latest statistics available. WordPress remains the best choice for anyone, who is interested in creating her/his own web site easily.
What is a VPS Hosting?
A VPS hosting or a Virtual Private Server Hosting is a natural advancement from the stage of Shared hosting. Virtual Private Sever is created from a physical machine by virtually partitioning the physical machine into several virtual compartments.
Each of these compartments is enforced with its own operating system, with every resource, for making every such virtual compartment to function as a Virtual Server, which is fully capable of providing hosting service independently.
A Virtual Private Server is capable of mimicking its own operating system. So, every Virtual Private Server has both the features and properties of a shared hosting and a dedicated server hosting service and can be very safely be called as a Virtual Dedicated Server hosting service.
What is WordPress?
WordPress is a free and open source software. This software can be easily installed on the user's hosting account. WordPress is used by the developers to create any kind of web sites. It ranges from simple blog sites to complex E-commerce web sites. WordPress is a simple and versatile software. The installation of WordPress on any hosting solution is almost effortless.
How To Install Wordpress On A VPS Hosting?
There are lots of great options available for installing WordPress on a VPS hosting. There are many WordPress friendly VPS services available. CloudOYE is an excellent provider for any user to host her/his web site. It will also allow the user to set up a VPS through the user's account dash board.
The Steps To Install Wordpress On A VPS Hosting-

- The user needs to download the WordPress files at first.
- These WordPress files are to be uploaded to the user's hosting account.
- The user now needs to create a MySQL data base and assign a user for it.
- The user can complete the WordPress configuration by using five minutes install wizard.
This is a process for manually installing and setting up WordPress. But there are many premium Virtual Private Server hosting companies in the market, such as CloudOYE, which have the options to install WordPress on VPS hosting by using an auto installer.
It only takes a few minutes and a very few clicks, to have WordPress up and running on the user's hosting account, in auto installation process. It is best to take the help of CloudOYE, the premium hosting service provider company, to install WordPress on VPS hosting, in a matter of minutes. 

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