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How AWS Offers IT Infrastructure At A Lower Cost?

In recent times, AWS has cut down on prices for storage and computing for its customers even further. So, now, whether it is Big Data or web applications, almost everything is available for even lower prices. In other words, AWS continues to offer superior IT infrastructure for lower costs. This has been made possible because of many advanced technologies that have been developed in-house in the last few years.

In no time, Amazon Web Services became the best cloud platform offered by Amazon. Most of the leading businesses have already put their trust in AWS and have received some amazing results. All of such amazing results and reviews have marked the name of AWS on top of the list of IT services at a low cost. Recently, AWS broke all records by being the only one low-cost cloud service to touch $10 billion business. So lets get more up-close with AWS and the technology behind it. 

AWS: an introduction

AWS is a consolidation of multiple cloud computing products and services. Amazon is responsible for providing storage space, email services, mobile application development, security enforcing features, etc. The IT infrastructure pricing of AWS involves its world-class virtual machine service and its kind cloud storage service. All of this has made it possible for AWS to take over one-third of the market of cloud services. 

Its servers are located all across the globe at all the remote as well as non-remote locations. Such diversification in the deployment of the servers brings in strengthened security. The overall purpose of AWS is to move all the companies to the cloud from any kind of physical computing technology. Through such IT services at low cost, this goal is not that too far to be reached soon.  

How Can AWS Offer IT Infrastructure For Low Costs?

- Financial Flexibility: AWS had spent many years to build a robust internal computing infrastructure which it has now decided to offer to its clients. When you own a small enterprise, or you have just launched a start-up, you have to consider many things. The cloud particularly helps such business owners because it lets them focus on their businesses better. Perhaps the biggest advantage such businesses enjoy compared to other is their freedom to scale up the infrastructure without any financial or technical worries. So, AWS offers financial flexibility through a pay-as-you-use model. This is a utility pricing system where businesses do not need to get into long-term contracts. This is a huge advantage for the startups.

- Eliminates Commitment Risks: When businesses can follow a utility pricing model they can grow freely. There is no fear of contracts or having to commit to long-term budgets. You can avail of more than 60 resources from the AWS through this pay-as-you-use model. In short, businesses will only pay for services they will use and nothing extra. For instance, the Amazon S3 service will bill organizations depending on storage used; amount can vary according to location. It helps to reduce costs of infrastructure because of the flexible tier-based price model. If a business is expecting more traffic, it can always buy Reserved Instances in AWS EC2.

Quicker Responses: With AWS it is also possible to get a secure worldwide infrastructure that can guarantee faster responses no matter where you are. Any modern business has to be running at all times, 24x7 and customers will expect this no matter where they are. Security also remains an important cause of concern for customers. But AWS infrastructure ensures that the clients get faster responses regardless of where the device is based. The AWS caters to multiple regions, and new regions are getting added every year; every region also has many data centers which can improve fault-tolerance and reduce latency. The users may replicate their data and apps to different availability zones, inside a region and across regions, according to their needs. The AWS set-up has been created to cater to needs of some of the most secure global companies.

Scalable Platform: With growth of social media and ecommerce, businesses now have to deal with Big Data. So, applications must become scalable. AWS ensures that businesses of all locations can offer responsive apps to their clients. When applications or data are hosted nearer to end-users latency will not be a problem anymore.

- Aiding Startups: AWS has also helped start-ups to grow seamlessly by delivering content, apps, music or software updates to its users through a scalable platform. It is very important to design the systems in a way so that they can respond to performance variations and compensate through scaling. Even the existing companies can benefit from the AWS offerings.

In this way, managed AWS cloud continues to make its platform better and this lets its clients focus on their businesses, not having to worry about spending on an on-site infrastructure. AW continues to expand the infrastructure and new data centers have accordingly opened up in Brazil and India. The Amazon Kinesis Analytics service allows businesses to get actionable data from real time data. Its technological advancements will continue to evolve and every time there is a new business need, AWS will step in to meet it.

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