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What are public and private clouds?

Public cloud and private clouds are two types of cloud hosting solutions.

A private cloud, also sometimes referred as internal cloud, is constructed exclusively for one individual organization. It could be maintained either within one's own premises or with an extra layer of protection in a ring like fence at a third party data center. On-premises will require the organizations to invest on managing, maintaining and monitoring the data centers on their own. Externally hosted private cloud suits businesses that have critical applications which they cannot risk to share in public clouds. Private cloud offers enhanced security and gives them control over the server to configure the server to suit their needs.

Public clouds are owned and run by third party providers. Users share the infrastructure and other services over internet. Users have cost-effective benefits. The infrastructure costs are split across the consumers. The services are billed on "pay-as-you-go" model. The biggest benefit is that users can scale the resources on a self-service basis on demand. They can add resources at peak times and discard them they do not require. Users are not bound by geographical restrictions and can access their data from any place and on any device having internet connection. Cloud services run on multiple servers and offer greater reliability. The network allows easy distribution of load among other servers even if one of them fails.

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