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What are the benefits of VPS server?

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting has become extremely popular, especially among the small and medium sized organizations, over the past few years. It is a hosting solution that effectively bridges the gap between the limitations of shared hosting and the flexibility of dedicated server hosting.

A VPS hosting slices a server into multiple virtual servers, where each websites hosted is like hosted on their own dedicated server, but actually they are sharing a server with some other websites. Like dedicated servers, customers may have root access to their own virtual server. VPSs are suitable for the businesses who want a better control over their servers, but do not want to invest in dedicated servers.

A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and the customers have full control on the operating system. Customers can install almost any software that runs on that operating system. Functionally, VPSs are very similar to a dedicated physical server, but as they share underlying physical hardware with other VPSs, performance can be lower and may depend on the workload of other VPSs.

Here are Some of the Benefits of VPS Hosting

Higher Level of Control: Since each VPS acts as a dedicated server, you will have a higher level of control over your VPS account from software installations to configurations.

Stability: Your operation will not be adversely affected by the traffic and activities of other VPS customers.

Performance: As your allocated resources would not be shared by other customers, you will get faster load times.

Dedicated Resources: Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting provides you with more resources in form of disk space, CPU and RAM.

Flexibility: With a VPS hosting, you are allowed to install operating system and software of your choice or need.

Improved Security: As each VPSs instances act independently and isolated from each other, users can have higher level of security.

Management and Support: Like a dedicated server hosting, you can manage your VPS account.

Server Monitoring: To ensure physical security of your server and to help defend against virtual threats, your VPS hosting provider will actively monitor its network and hardware on which your website will be hosted.

Data Backups: Anything can happen within the network of your VPS host. To make sure your data is secure, your VPS host allows you to manually backup your own data.

A VPS hosting can be a great choice for your business as it offers an inexpensive way to get many of the features, resources, control and flexibility of a more expensive and complex dedicated server.

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