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How To Change E-Mail Hosting Provider?

Any user of E-mail hosting service may not feel satisfied with the quality of performance of her/his current E-mail hosting service provider company and the user may be in a mood to switch to another E mail hosting service provider company, of global repute. The user may have lots of E-mails in her/his inbox and in sent box, neatly arranged in folders. This user has to follow some simple steps to move all her/his E-mails, both in inbox and in sent box, to the E-mail sever of another E-mail hosting service provider, the user is now changing to.
First Step-

It is important to find out the IP address of the server that is being currently used by the user. It may be Internet Message Access Protocol or IMAP server or a POP3 server. It is also important to find out the IP address of the server that is used by the user to send her/his mail. This has to be a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP Server. This information is provided to the user by the old E-mail hosting company. It can also be done by going into the configuration screen of the user's old E-mail client, and by looking for the address of one of the user's old servers. It has to be done with both the sending and receiving E-mail servers.
Second Step-

Now, the user needs to find out the IP address of the server that the user will now be using to receive her/his mails. This will be a POP3 or IMAP server. The user also has to find out the IP address of the server, the user will now use to send her/his E-mails. This will be a SMTP server. The user has to use the configuration information that is provided by the new E-mail hosting service provider.
Third Step-
The user now has to add a new account to her/his E-mail client, with all the information. The user also has to put the proper IP addresses in the IMAP/POP3 server or the SMTP server. The user now needs to configure this new account, to be able to put the messages in the same mailbox, as in her/his old account.
Fourth Step-

The user has to log in to her/his account now and navigate to a screen which will show the user's domain name pointing to. The user has to click on the button labelled "Change where domain points". The user needs to enter the two new name severs and within two days' time, the new E-mail hosting provider will have full control over the user's E-mails transactions. The user has to now delete her/his old E-mail account.
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