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What are cloud services and managed IT services?

The term 'cloud' is an internet metaphor. "Cloud computing" phrase is utilized in order to describe plenty of situations like where the programs and business data stored and from where they are accessed on the internet instead of being managed and stored in-house on the hard drive of computer.
Basically, there are three types of cloud services, such as hybrid, private, and public. Utilizing public cloud, organizations can get the cloud in the infrastructure which they can share to other businesses as well. It is quite an affordable service in which cloud hosting provider takes care of maintenance and security of system. It is handled by internal IT team.

This provides business an exclusive control and access on the data; however, it is a costly option as compared to public cloud. When talking about hybrid cloud, it offers the aspects of public and private cloud. In this cloud service, some of the services are managed by IT professionals and remaining off-site.
Services Offered by Cloud Computing
Cloud hosting provides services' assortment as per the need of user. Common category in cloud service is SaaS(Software as a Service). Utilizing SaaS, CSP delivers software on the internet in order to fulfill the business requirement. Also known as on-demand software, SaaS sometimes provided via subscription, while usually it is on pay-per-use basis. In addition, it also consists system maintenance on a regular basis like security enhancements, data backup, and updates.
Managed IT Services
In managed IT services, the MSP (Managed Service Provider) is concerned of problems which IT team will manage like keeping hardware running, update software, and also apply patches. Necessary components and specific servers are assigned to the user, the MSP takes the responsibility of monitoring the network round-the-clock. It will solve and manage IT challenges in order to help you in focusing on your core business and it will do so through improved efficiency.
Services Offered by Managed Model
Managed IT service provides a variety of options like recovery, data backup, system management, patch management, hosting email server, and security updates and audits. It permits small enterprise owners, who don't possess IT staff or people who wants to free team members from non-core tasks of business and assure them the proper management of their system. The managed service providers mostly charge for this on monthly basis, depending on the devices and services managed by them.

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