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What are main features of cloud services?

There are numerous features of cloud services that are beneficial to businesses of all sizes.

On Demand Self-Service: Resources can automatically be provisioned without the need of human interaction as and when needed.

Compatibility: Cloud services allows access to the data from any location and on any device. Employees can work from anywhere. 

Better Team Work: Access from any location facilitates better collaboration with persons working on field being able to update their reports

Elasticity: Cloud hosting services are scalable. Consumers can add resources they need and discard resources they do not want.

Reliability: Cloud runs on multiple servers and are automated to run even if one server fails. Resources are drawn from the other servers to ensure continuity without any interruption.

Easy Maintenance The service provider does the maintenance of the cloud server. They will ensure that you get high server uptime and consistent server performance. 

Large Network Access You can easily access the data from the cloud or upload the data from anywhere just by having an internet connection. This way cloud supports all kinds of networks. 

Server Availability With the cloud, you get high server availability because if one server fails then the other will take the responsibility. You will get assured high uptime as compared to other services. 

Nil Investment: Consumers need not make any upfront investment on hardware. All services can be drawn on subscription basis and users pay for the resources they consume.

Disaster recovery: With replication and storing across multiple servers, cloud allows easy cost-effective solutions at times of data loss due to some theft or calamity. 

Updates: Consumers need not worry about software updates and technical issues. The cloud servers are located in different places away from your business premises. The providers do all the updates and patches. 

Security: Cloud services offers enhanced security. You can access your data from any system even if you lose your personal device.

Wide network access On the cloud, you can use any network of your choice for accessing your profile and server. It does not limit you to staying with only one network provider. 

Cost-effective It is one of the best ways to handle the high costs that you spend on having a server. With the cloud, you can save a lot of money you are spending.

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