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What type of VPS do I need for burst traffic?

VPS or Virtual Private Server offers an ideal web hosting in order to keep your site working in every circumstance. The VPS hosting offers certified maximum up-time and it has also become the demanding hosting provider owing to its reasonable price and excellent features.

Businesses or organizations experience varied website density at various stages. Initially, the site traffic might be manageable and low. However, as business grows, the density of traffic increases. To cater to these needs, VPS hosting is an apt hosting service to manage traffic of E-commerce websites. 

In addition, VPS hosting is also a great solution for managing burst traffic or sudden traffic of the website. Virtual Private Server offers root access with OS choice to the customer with a user-friendly control panel in order to completely access the server. High level of scalability and flexibility permits access of having more resources that are needed for handling burst traffic. 

CloudOYE offers outstanding VPS hosting solutions to the clients/customers at competitive price. Whether you opt Windows or Linux VPS hosting, must consider the following factors-

Better Performance  Your website performance should not be affected at all, no matter that how many visitors are paying a visit to your site. In addition, the instant increase in the web traffic and other activities should not affect VPS servers performance.

Dedicated Resources Availability  If a client has a busy site, then more memory, disk space, and bandwidth speed are some things that will be required. All these requirements are efficiently met by just VPS hosting. In addition, several software applications, Operating System, and plug-ins can be installed as per business requirements.

Rigorous Security Provisions The websites that receives high traffic are more prone to the threats like nasty virus, hacking, and spamming. Though via managed VPS hosting, you can easily have protection from such kind of threats as in this hosting there are numerous monitoring tools and firewall. 

Provision of Data Backup  VPS makes sure that all critical data is placed securely on virtual server and even it can be restored whenever required. In addition, it has option of configuring automatic backups on remote locations and local server. It always ensures that critical data remain secured even if some catastrophe takes place. 

Different Websites Administration  With Virtual Private Server, it becomes easy to update and manage various websites. VPS enables root-level access of managing multiple sites, and install and tweak customized apps in order to maximize the performance of commercial websites. 

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