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How to Integrate CDN with Joomla to Boost Site Performance?

For sites which must increase their page loading speed, it is important to take help of CDN services. The Content Delivery Network or CDN is compulsory for sites looking to give their customers a better browsing experience. So, in this sense the CDN can also ssboost the performance of any Joomla site guaranteeing it better up-time, higher scalability and much faster page loading speeds. The CDN will comprise of many servers in a network and these are placed at various remote positions on the globe. It makes it easier to deliver content to the end-users because the server which is closest to the end-user responds to his queries. Each of the servers in a CDN will have cached content which enables them to deliver static content to users faster.

This explains why businesses should choose "CDN for Joomla" plugin as this extension will allow URLs to be written using an active content delivery network that can provide static content from remote servers. It is possible to get the non-commercial version of this plugin for free. But the free versions only support HTTP integrations. When you have HTTPs as URLs for the content delivery network, you need to buy the commercial version.

Before you integrate CDN with a Joomla website you must first backup the content management system. You must create "pull zone" or "push zone" before integrating the Joomla website with a CDN. You have to log into the admin panel in the site and download and install the plugin "CDN for Joomla". This plugin must then be uploaded to the Extension Manager which falls under "Extensions".

You must return to the "Extensions" and select the plugin by clicking on the "Plugin Manager". After this, you are expected to type in the URL for the CDN by selecting the CDN domain. You should ideally enable all kinds of files but when there are problems with any specific file type, it is advisable to disable these for the time being till the problem is resolved. All the updates will then have to be saved. One should examine the HTML codes here to ensure that all the URLs have been properly typed in.

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