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How to Change Email Hosting Provider?

Switching to new email hosting provider needs completion of a certain actions in an order to make sure that everything gets transferred properly. In order to move website to new host, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps-

1- Buy a New Email Host
There are plenty of hosting provider and solutions in the market, each one with its own configuration.
So, you need to evaluate which one is right for your business, depending on various factors like needed space, server configuration, and cost are to name some. You need to pay attention what you require and make a decision accordingly as on each website has its own needs.
Look in the different factors like website ranks, physical location of the company, hosting plans, user ratings, social media info, and clients' number at the time of comparing and evaluating a web host.
At the time of purchasing, consider the registration of domain to third party, if in future switching host required, domain can come easily with no potential complication.
2- Backup Websites to New Web Host

Still records involve any kind of document that not changes frequently, consequently or by content editor like copy or in-place illustrations. In order to backup a website, basically copy old document structures on the new online host.

Moving Database to New Host
For dynamic website which runs on the database (MySQL), first install the online applications to new web host because they are presently believed in the present website and then move database document to the latest web host.
In the event, your web application gives simple exchange functionality (similar to WordPress' export/import function), exchange all data files to new web host. On the off chance, if application don't provide such functionality, then you should change your PHP and MySQL configurations accordingly.
3- Check Prior Making a Final Move

Make sure that is everything working properly on the site when you uploaded the files on latest hosting configuration.
In addition, you can check the newly hosted site by using a non-permanent URL that is in IP digits.
A few hosting organizations offer a development playing platform in order to provide customers an ease of previewing the website before it go live and allows you to therapy any of the problems behind. 

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