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How to Schedule Backups on Plesk?

Login to your Plesk panel account with the registered username and password. Select a backup manager. Click on Schedule. Then select "Activate this backup tool". Give the required specifications:

When and how to often the backup must be run

Whether you need incremental backup (i.e. only backup to the modified files) and if so, when you require a full backup. A full backup will include complete configuration and content and will consume more space. Incremental backup saves you time as well as space. How long do you need the backup and fix a schedule for its deletion? Whether to include complete content, user files, databases? Where to store the backup on the server or in FTP storage? You can also ask for a notification to be sent to you in case any issue crops up in the backup procedure. Click on OK.
If you want to store on the FTP server, login to your Plesk Panel. Go to Tools & Settings and select Backup Manager. Next, click on Personal FTP Repository Settings. Here you must enter all the details like FTP server name, give a directory name where the backup files must be stored. You must create an FTP username and create a new FTP password. Select the Passive Mode and click OK. Select a schedule in backup settings. Whether Daily/Weekly/ Monthly. Set up a time.
In case the backup file you want exceeds the volume size you had quantified, Plesk will automatically create two individual files to cover the complete information. You must then save the file in FTP folders. The earlier backup files will be overwritten and deleted. You must click on "Suspend Domains Until Backup Task is complete" as this will complete the process faster. Click OK to save the backup schedule. The Plesk backup process will automatically start at the scheduled fixed time.

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