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Write any two reasons why one should opt out for cloud storage.

What is Cloud Storage? Cloud storage allows users to store information online. The data is stored on servers that are kept in massive data center. The cloud storage service provider looks after the maintenance of the servers. Cloud storage is a cost-effective storage solution for businesses worldwide. Benefits of Cloud Storage for Businesses Cost Effective Most of the organizations prefer onsite servers for data storage. The maintenance of onsite servers can be a bit expensive. The organizations have to hire a team of IT professionals to look after the maintenance of the servers. In cloud storage the service provider utilizes his own resources to manage and maintain the server. This allows the organizations to cut cost and save a lot of money. The organization can then invest this money in further improving their sales and marketing strategies. Cloud storage helps organizations save a lot of money. Maintenance of an onsite server can further multiply the total expenditure of an organization. In cloud storage the service provider looks after the maintenance and the management of the server. This makes cloud storage a cost-effective storage solution for organizations. Companies can save a lot of money and invest it in their growth and development. Organizations can also benefit from the expertise of the cloud storage service provider. It is certainly better than setting up an onsite server Data Protection Cloud storage also helps protect your data in case of a natural disaster such as floods or earthquake. It is highly recommended that you move your information to the cloud to avoid data loss. The network of multiple servers ensure that your data remains secure, and your business operations continue to run smoothly. Cloud storage is the most secure environment for your company information. The cloud service provider implements additional security measures such as firewalls, encryption and multi level authorization. Cloud storage prevents any unauthorized third party access to your company information. You can also access your company information from anywhere using a laptop and an Internet connection. Remote Access Organizations these days are looking for ways to provide their employees a better working environment. Cloud storage allows employees to access their company database from anywhere. Cloud based applications like Google Drive allow employees to perform their daily tasks from home. Cloud based applications have significantly improved performance and increased productivity. The ability to work from home has allowed organizations to continue their business operations remotely. Cloud storage Promotes collaboration and overcomes geographical restrictions. Individual Use Cloud storage is also an ideal storage alternative for individuals for personal use. You no longer need to buy or carry Hard drives. You no longer need to worry about losing your data. Cloud storage allows you to access your information from anywhere. You can use cloud storage to store audio, video, images and word documents. Cloud storage offers a wide variety of benefits for both professional and personal use. Every technology has its advantages and disadvantages. However, in the case of cloud storage there are more advantages than disadvantages.

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