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5 Reasons Why You Need the Private Cloud

Several organizations had adopted the private cloud since the early days because of its superior performance and robust security features. However, private cloud is not meant for everyone. Some businesses do not require the high-end features that a private cloud offers while for some businesses the public cloud will not work.

There are 5 Strong Reasons Why an Organization Should Consider the Private Cloud:-

Customizable Tools

The public cloud is meant for everyone. A large organization may choose it or leave it. This is not the case with a small business. They cannot afford nor do they require the private cloud. The tools that are provided in the private cloud server is superior, customizable, flexible and highly secure. A large organization can be more comfortable in a closed private environment without any risk to their data.
2- Regulatory and Compliance

In the public cloud, the data is stored remotely where many times the location is unknown. There are a few segments like healthcare, financial institutions, ERP applications, banking etc. that require high degree of isolation and privacy under top security norms. In addition to security issues, using the public cloud could result in violating regulations and the organizations can be penalized.
3- Cost Effective Scaling

The best feature of the cloud environment is its scalability. Private cloud providers like CloudOYE ensure seamless integration with the public cloud hosting and create an option to migrate to the hybrid platform.
4- Security

Running mission-critical applications like insurance claims, banking in in-house data centers can cause hindrances to scalability, flexibility and availability. A private cloud will be ideal to ensure availability, agility and security.
5- Control

A single-tenant environment will allow an organization better control over the security to the infrastructure with superior governance technologies. This will not be possible in a multi-tenant environment. 

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