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How Can You Evaluate Your Cloud Service Provider?

Are you happy with the quality of Cloud computing service, provided to you by your Cloud service provider? How do you ascertain the quality of the Cloud computing Service your Cloud Service provider is providing to you?
You might want to apply the six-metric method to evaluate your Cloud Service Provider's provided Cloud computing service, to you. You must ask six questions from the Cloud service provider, for evaluating their service efficiency.
1- Is your Cloud Service Provider regularly monitoring your usages of resources? It is necessary to remain updated about which asset needs to be added or which asset needs to be removed, to have a better service. Any quality Cloud Service Provider will keep you informed about the current state of your server and the state of the server provisions.
2- Is your Cloud Service Provider for computing service updated about the latest practices in security? Has the Cloud service provider taken the responsibility of security of your data? Are they providing you with any regular reports on security? Are they making the security events and its responses visible?
3- Is your Cloud Service provider keeping up with compliance? The Cloud service provider must ensure that you have the right coverage to comply with all these standards of compliance mandates, while this service caters to your all business needs.
4- Is your Cloud service Provider providing you with the experience of seamless support? Is your Cloud Service Provider providing you with access to Tier 2 and Tier 3 support specialists, round the clock and all through the year? Does your Cloud Service provider provide you with a robust and intuitive portal of being a customer?
5- Is your Cloud Service Provider offering you the services that suits your future business plans?

6- Is your Cloud service Provider providing you with detailed and simple invoices for the services rendered?
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