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What is Zimbra Email Hosting?

Zimbra Email hosting is empowering hordes of users to message, communicate, share, and collaborate information in various geographies that has extensive compatibility along with a plenty of devices. This hosting solution can also be operated via public and private cloud ecosystems. It enables unified integration through smart phones and also provides a great messaging experience. In addition, it also helps in bringing together the users so that they can share data and do participation in the personal clouds.
It is a secure and affordable option that removes services like colocation server. Therefore, setting a Zimbra email hosting plan is a great option. Also, Zimbra allows easy import data like emails from several platforms like Microsoft Exchange or IMPAP. With Zimbra Email hosting, you can retrieve different data, such as mails, contacts, and calendars.  

One of the most vital features of Zimbra Email Hosting is data protection. It offers simple back-end management during securing the backup.

Here are Some of the Key Capabilities of Zimbra Email Hosting -

- Web-based control panel Email
- Worldwide people search
- Blackberry and Treo mobile phones support
- Instant search (such as attachments and messages), powerful
- Outlook: mail, calendar, offline mode, and contacts support
- Integrated anti-virus, directory services (active directory, LDAP), and anti-spam
- SMS and Email event reminders
- Robust and simple administration and management

Take a look at a few benefits of utilizing Zimbra Email Hosting.

- Robust Business Continuity and Data Backup:-

The most noteworthy feature of Zimbra Email Hosting is it provides a good backup as well as complete business continuity. Backend infra of Zimbra Email hosting is managed via competence and it is the one that ensures entire backup. In addition, it also minimizes the critical data loss or important mails loss while service outages.
- Adaptable Access Options:-

Zimbra Email hosting account is simple to use and anybody can access the account via different locations, such as various web browsers. It becomes a convenient for users and they can review the address book, emails, tasks, and other details of a particular platform.

- Affordable Email Hosting:-

If you are choosing Zimbra Email hosting, they you don't have to make an investment in server, licensing, software, internet, co-location, or other experts. With this Email hosting solution, you can enjoy an access to all excellent features at a competitive price.

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