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How Long Does It Take to Provision a Load Balancer?

Provisioning a load balancer can be done with just a couple of clicks. It enables optimum resource operations through a simple Representational State Transfer(REST) web service interface. You must click on the create load balancer tab. You will be asked to give a name to the load balancer. The name should compose of alphabets, digits, dashes, periods etc. You may change the name any time once the load balance is created. You must choose the location where you intend to deploy the load balancer.

The load balancer connects to the backend over a private network. In case it is disabled, the load balancer will connect through a public network. You must the define the rules. On the left are the listening port and protocol of the load balancer while the right side defines how and where the requests will be directed to the backends.

Click on Edit Advanced Settings. You can then modify additional parameters and select the required settings from the options that include Algorithm, Sticky sessions, health checks and SSL redirect. Once done, you should click on Create a Load Balancer which will be complete in a few minutes. Check the conditions of the backend machine and this will enable the load balancer to forward requests to them.

Load balancers are basically used to distribute workloads to a pool of servers which would eliminate the burden of traffic on one single machine. It accepts all the incoming traffic and spreads it equally among the servers keeping the proximity and speed in consideration. This reduces the risks of any single point of failure and improves the overall availability and performance of a website.

Using a load balancer, you can easily distribute the workloads among the pool of servers which will help you reduce the burden. It helps you handle all the traffic that the website gets. A load balancer accepts all the incoming traffic and shares it equally among all the servers without any further delay. Once you are done with this, click and create a load balancer for easy and effective management of traffic.

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